Welcome to Our New Website

We’d like to welcome you to the new, redesigned California National Party website! We hope that this new layout will make it easier for you to learn more about us and find opportunities to contribute to the growth of both … Read More


Give to the party that will fight for California! The California National Party is a corporate money free, all-volunteer organization. That’s why individual contributions from supporters like you are so important. Your contribution of any size helps us do the … Read More

2018 Platform Ind

Independence There comes a time in the history of many nations when a distinct people must pursue the path of self-reliance for their own survival. A course which may have once been unwise and unthinkable can become necessary and inevitable. … Read More

2018 Platform Leg

Legislative and Electoral Reform Ending Corporate Personhood A legal challenge as to whether the State of California had the power to tax a railroad fencing resulted in the finding, written as a headnote by a court clerk in 1866, that … Read More

2018 Platform RL

Rule of Law The California National Party supports scrapping the USA Patriot Act, which was passed in haste in the days following 9/11. It has led to the unparalleled intrusion by government agencies, often with the assistance of corporations, into … Read More

2018 Platform Inf

Infrastructure California’s population and economy are booming, and investments in necessary infrastructure have failed to keep up. A housing crisis faces Californians in terms of availability and cost, but many other issues are interwoven with these. The influx of people … Read More

2018 Platform PG

Prosperity and Growth California is a major world power. Our economic policies need to reflect the size and scope of our economy, and our values, both at home and abroad. We are the 5th largest economy in the world, yet … Read More

2018 Platform CR

Civil Rights California must reassert respect for the civil rights of all its citizens. In a Republic governed by a Constitution, all legal codes must be coherent with that primary document, and its citizens and institutions — including governmental, military, … Read More

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