Survey Thank You

We’ll use your information to build a better party more responsive to our constituents like you. And while you’re here, please consider making a financial contribution or registering with the party or following us on social media – or all … Read More

Demogr Census 2019

The CNP from time to time would like to get to know the members of our growing movement. The demo-graphical questions below not only help us update member profiles but also provide us with realistic estimates for who we are … Read More

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
The Future is Now!

Economists and business leaders are saying that as a result of advances in automation and artificial intelligence, and the growth of robotics, fewer workers will be needed as we move into the future. 25% of current jobs are at high … Read More

Welcome to Our New Website

We’d like to welcome you to the new, redesigned California National Party website! We hope that this new layout will make it easier for you to learn more about us and find opportunities to contribute to the growth of both … Read More


Give to the party that will fight for California! The California National Party is a corporate money free, all-volunteer organization. That’s why individual contributions from supporters like you are so important. Your contribution of any size helps us do the … Read More

2018 Platform Ind

Independence There comes a time in the history of many nations when a distinct people must pursue the path of self-reliance for their own survival. A course which may have once been unwise and unthinkable can become necessary and inevitable. … Read More

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