We Are Californians The California National Party is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Meet our leadership below.  You can also read our bylaws. Sean Forbes, Chair Sean Forbes has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. … Read More

Biden Won, but Did California?

Like much of the world, the California National Party (CNP) has waited these last few days to learn which path the United States has chosen to take. While we are grateful that American voters have rejected four more years of … Read More

Platform Ind 2020

Autonomy and Independence Platform As California becomes an increasingly distinct and complex entity, Californians have grown unable to rely on the United States federal government to effectively secure our well-being. We suffer hardships while our revenue is used to fund projects … Read More

Platform RL 2020

Rule of Law Platform  Respect for the rule of law, which recognizes the rights and responsibilities of individuals, corporations, and the government towards each other, is fundamental to a fair and just society. Institutions must be prevented from violating the … Read More

Platform Leg 2020

Legislative and Electoral Reform Platform The California National Party (CNP) is fundamentally opposed to the two-party system of the United States and instead exists to establish political structures and practices that resist the corruption, disenfranchisement, and polarization that have afflicted … Read More

Platform Im 2020

Immigration Platform The immigration policy of the United States, under which California is currently obligated to operate, is causing irreparable harm to the families of our undocumented neighbors as they are ripped from their homes, detained indefinitely without legal recourse, … Read More

Platform HI 2020

Housing and Infrastructure Platform The last several decades have seen a rapid expansion in California’s population and economy. However, investments in necessary infrastructure have failed to keep up. A severe housing shortage faces Californians and other issues are interwoven with this … Read More

Platform CR 2020

Civil Rights Platform The California National Party (CNP) believes that one of the fundamental roles of a democratic government is to protect the civil rights of all citizens. We are committed to creating a nation that ensures all our citizens … Read More

Platform Ec 2020

Platform on the Economy  California is a dynamic and diverse global economic power. However, despite possessing one of the largest GDP in the world, Californians suffer from a high rate of poverty and income inequality that lowers the quality of … Read More

Platform Env 2020

Platform on the Environment  California’s natural beauty and wealth of resources are well known throughout the world. Few places possess our geographic and ecological diversity. It is the responsibility of all Californians to preserve our home for future generations while … Read More

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