Meetings and Events California National Party community-building events are a great way to make new friends with like-minded individuals focused on improving our quality of life here in California. CNP has chapters statewide – check out the calendar below for … Read More

Party FAQ

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About Party

About Our Party The California National Party was founded in 2015 with the aim of forging and supporting California-focused solutions to the issues that face our home. We are united behind a platform of economic growth that serves all our … Read More

Posters and Materials

CNP 10 points flier (8.5×11) CNP statement flier for 2017 Women’s March State Flag Poster

2018 Platform HC

Healthcare Platform The current healthcare system prioritizes profits over patients and is in need of drastic revision.  Healthcare is a civil right and should be a promise to all Californians. The California National Party believes that California must move to … Read More

2018 Platform

California National Party 2018 Platform The California National Party was founded in 2015 to advocate purely for the people of California, without needing to compromise with far-off regions that share little of our culture and values. We are a diverse … Read More

Immigration Benefits All of California

California has a long history of immigration, and part of our strength comes from welcoming those who come from other countries, regardless of their personal reasons for immigrating. More that 1 out of every 4 Californians, over 10 million people, … Read More

Registration FAQ

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