New Wave of Deceptive Attacks on Grassroots California Movement

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 20, 2017)—The progressive California National Party (CNP) has reaffirmed its commitment to fight for Californian values and autonomy from the U.S. in the face of new attacks from the leadership of Russian-linked Yes California (YC). This new round of attacks, apparently meant to deceive the public and the media by claiming YC owns the CNP, have come in the form of fake CNP social media profiles and email solicitations for donations made in the CNP’s name—in possible violation of state and federal laws.  Twitter and Facebook immediately suspended these fake accounts for fraud.

The attacks come in the midst of a backlash against YC’s President, Louis Marinelli; who is not a California resident, admittedly voted for Trump, currently resides in Russia, and recently told Bloomberg magazine that he admires Putin. Marinelli is also organizing an upcoming press conference, involving people impersonating CNP officials, to be held in Moscow.

“We consider these tactics to be not only blatantly deceptive, but probably illegal, and an affront to the hard work of our CNP volunteers,” says Theo Slater, National Chair of the CNP. “These tactics ultimately harm the cause for Californian independence. We wish to focus on building and sustaining the movement for California, not dealing with Mr. Marinelli and YC’s deliberately misleading actions.

“Particularly alarming to us are Marinelli’s self-proclaimed ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin, including his recent announcement of a supposed ‘California embassy’ in that country,” says Slater. “The CNP has no ties to any foreign government whatsoever.”

According to a report by KQED, San Francisco’s NPR station, Yes California is endorsed by the Kremlin, which has rewarded the organization with favorable coverage in Kremlin-run news agency Russia Today (RT) and even hosted Marinelli at a Kremlin-backed anti-globalization conference in Moscow.

“Much of the media coverage has gone with the story line that the Californian independence movement is sponsored by Russia due to Marinelli’s antics,” says Jed Wheeler, Vice Chairperson of the CNP.  “In fact, the genuine independence movement has been under constant attack by the Russia-backed YC campaign for months.”

The movement’s growth has not been slowed by these attacks, however.  Just today, CNP volunteers participated in the Women’s Marches in Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Bernardino, LA, and San Diego; adding hundreds of new voter registrations and signups.

The CNP has seen massive growth in membership since the U.S. presidential election and now has chapters in 12 cities and counties across California. Supporters include many people who were originally drawn to Yes California, but were uncomfortable with an organization tied to a Russian government whose policies are so radically at odds with Californian values.

Despite these latest attacks, CNP members and volunteers are continuing to register voters, prepare candidates to run in upcoming 2018 elections, and advocate for the party’s main cause: an independent California built and run on progressive values.

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