Why a California National Party?

California is no longer simply a state among 50 others. We are, by all measures, a nation.

With a population larger than Canada, the 5th largest economy in the world, and uniquely Californian values and culture, we are well positioned for the next step in our evolution: independence.

The election of Donald Trump awakened millions of Californians to how fundamentally different we are, politically and socially, from the vast bulk of Americans – and to the fact that we are radically under-represented in the federal government.  We will not stand by while this new American administration attacks women’s rights, threatens to deport our neighbors, builds walls and wrecks our economy!  California is our home, our nation, and the best way to defend her is to fight for independence.

Based on population, an electoral college vote in Wyoming carries three times the voting power of a Californian vote. Since both states have two senators, California senators have to represent 70 times the number of constituents as their Wyoming counterparts. Relative to our population, we are also significantly under-represented in the House.

In 2012, Californians paid $292,563,574,000 in US federal taxes. During that same year we received back approximately $0.78 for every dollar paid. Meanwhile, states like Mississippi and Louisiana—resolutely “red” states that vociferously complain about “entitlements”—gladly pocket $2 for every $1 they pay. We are directly subsidizing other states—states that invariably vote contrary to us. In fact, more than 20% of the federal taxes Californians paid—$59 billion in total—was spent on direct subsidies to other (mostly red) states. That’s equivalent to 2/3 of our entire state budget that year.

Over and over again our wealth is squandered while our needs go unmet. Our primary and secondary schools suffer, while we’re forced to contribute over $57 billion to the U.S. military—more than Russia’s entire defense budget. We pay enough to be a super-power, but in many cases have no control over where, when or how that money is spent.

It’s time for California to take its rightful place in the family of nations. With a 2015 GDP of nearly $2.5 trillion, a population of 39 million, a wealth of natural resources and a progressive creed and culture that  sets the bar not just for the United States, but the world; we are already a major global player. It’s time we recognize that and start acting like one.

It’s time for an independent California. Be a part of history in the making.

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Letter from the California Secretary of State certifying the CNP as a Party attempting to qualify.