California National Party 2018 Platform

The California National Party was founded in 2015 to advocate purely for the people of California, without needing to compromise with far-off regions that share little of our culture and values. We are a diverse group representing a wide range of interests and beliefs, and so we have worked hard to craft a platform that reaches a broad consensus on a number of important issues.

Our platform is divided into ten planks. Below is a brief summary of each, or you may view the full 2018 Platform here.  You may also purchase the full platform in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon here.

Universal Single Payer: in five years Medicare-for-all, in twenty a comprehensive California Health System.

No wall, no use of state employees for federal immigration enforcement, and quotas for guest workers set by each county.

Expand the cap-and-trade system to more domestic and international allies. Build a seawall at the Golden Gate Bridge to keep the Bay Area from flooding. No offshore drilling, no fracking, no clear-cutting, and a move towards reclaiming land from the feds.

Free secondary tuition. Guaranteed transfers from high schools and community colleges for good students. Funding for the arts, a California History requirement, and a drive for bilingual education.

Civil Rights
Protection for all people from discrimination and harassment. Guaranteed reproductive care, parental leave, and child care for all. Programs to address structural racism and the exploitation of First Nations.

Prosperity and Growth
Universal Basic income to replace all existing welfare programs. A National Bank and Office of Innovation. Net neutrality and limits on copyright to spur innovation.

Desalinization plants to generate fresh water. High speed rail to alleviate congestion. Promotion of urban density to reduce cost of living. Transition to a post-carbon economy.

Rule of Law
End the PATRIOT act and large-scale surveillance programs. Criminal justice reforms, especially the bail system. Gun controls and cannabis regulations by county.

Legislative and Voting Reform
End corporate personhood. Campaign finance reform. Instant runoff voting. Convert the Senate to proportional representation, and add members to the Assembly.

California is larger and wealthier than most countries, and the US is out of step with our values. We pursue increased autonomy as we move towards true sovereignty.