Californian values: a shared dream

This speech on Californian values and what that means was delivered by Jed Wheeler, our Vice Chairperson, at our March 2017 working convention.  It summarizes our goals and strategy over the next year as we register voters and build the … Read More

Dreamin’ of independence from Trump’s America

Our LA chapter co-chair, Linda Daly, writes for the SF Chronicle on how the election of Donald Trump prompted her to work for Californian independence. I had not been politically active on the national level in years. Sure, I voted for … Read More

An independent California? In the age of Trump, some want just that

From The New Daily, in Australia An independent California would be a progressive powerhouse that could rival the world’s largest economies, according to supporters of a growing breakaway movement. Calls for an independent California – dubbed ‘#Calexit’ – have grown louder since Donald Trump … Read More

California is different and Trump’s election proves it

Telam, an Argentinian magazine, interviews Jay Rooney on the CNP and our path to independence.  Note that the article is in Spanish, the excerpt below was translated. “…for every dollar that Californians pay in taxes, they get about 78 … Read More

A Successful Path to a Peaceful Secession
Post looks at the key elements of peaceful independence movements: Robert young, a professor of political science, wrote an interesting paper about how peaceful secessions happen. In it, he analyzes various secessions from the past and theorized that the … Read More

Remembering Past Lessons

Editor’s note: While this blog was originally submitted in early January, the recent focus on immigrant targeting and deportation by the Trump administration makes this a very timely post, and underscores the California National Party’s commitment to a sensible, humane … Read More

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