CNP statement on Police reform

The California National Party is horrified at the ongoing specter of violence against citizens by police within the United States, as well as the recent shooting of officers in Dallas. The time for platitudes has passed, we need real solutions. … Read More

Posters and materials (old live)

POSTERS AND MATERIALS Business card-size flier Printable sign for 2019 Women’s March CNP statement flier for 2019 Women’s March Business-card size flier for 2019 Women’s March CNP 10 points flier Map/Flag Poster English/Spanish Flyer Tax w/o rep flyer B&W PDF | … Read More


The recent British exit (#Brexit) from the EU has ignited a firestorm of controversy and headlines around the world, and created interest in other independence movements everywhere. The CNP in particular has seen an upsurge in interest and new members … Read More

The blood of Oaxaca

The CNP stands with our brothers and sisters who seek greater autonomy in how they conduct their lives in Oaxaca. We are appalled by the ongoing violence against indigenous people and other oppressed communities in Oaxaca. As of now at … Read More

California Passes France As World’s 6th-Largest Economy

California’s robust economy helped it leapfrog over France. (Reuters) – California is now the sixth-largest economy in the world, surpassing France, thanks to a robust state economy and strong U.S. dollar. California was the world’s eighth-largest economy in 2014, Irena … Read More

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