CNP calls for California to sign Paris climate accord

Press Release December 13, 2016  The California National Party (CNP) calls on Governor Jerry Brown to make California a signatory subject to ratification to the Paris Climate Accords.  Signing the Paris Climate Accords subject to ratification would signal California’s current … Read More

Trump’s America vs. California

Walking around my small California beach town, it’s become harder and harder to not have a sense of a storm approaching, or a dimming of light, despite the beauty of my surroundings. Nothing has physically changed since the election; there’s … Read More

To Calexiters: A Message from a Comrade in Colorado

Dear Calexiters, I have to say that I’m overjoyed that secession is being stolen from the right (in all due respect to Vermont), but I’m disappointed California is ignoring some of its natural allies to the North and near East.  Demographic and migratory shifts … Read More

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