California National Party Statement on Oroville Dam Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Jay Rooney (510) 707-3998 OROVILLE, Calif. (Feb. 24, 2017)—As more than 180,000 Californians displaced by the recent Oroville dam crisis head home with only tenuous assurances of their continued safety, we at the California … Read More

Presidents Day
Reflections on Presidents Day

REFLECTIONS ON PRESIDENTS DAY “ Understanding the spirit of our institutions is to aim at the elevation of men, I am opposed to whatever tends to degrade them.”  Abraham Lincoln, May 17, 1859 Letter to Theodore Canisius To truly observe Presidents Day … Read More

CNP Bear logo
CNP Recognized as “seeking qualification”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Jay Rooney (510) 707-3998  California National Party Hits Milestone Officially Recognized by California Secretary of State as “Seeking Qualification Status” SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Feb. 17, 2017)—After an election cycle rife with discord, many have begun … Read More


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A better future for California
Californian Independence survey

The latest polling data shows over 13 million Californians support independence, but there’s not much data available about what unites this group. Please fill out this short survey on your background and priorities to help us better understand what you … Read More

A Velvet Divorce

I am a Californian. For fifty years, starting with Edmund Brown Sr, I have supported Democratic candidates in state and national races. This election, however, with the victory of the most odious man to ever emerge on the American political … Read More

Of War and Peace

It’s clearly stated in the introduction to the California National Party platform: “The CNP is committed to working – through peaceful and democratic means – toward a legally binding referendum on independence.” The italics are mine, for emphasis. Five words … Read More

We build opportunities – not walls!

WE BUILD OPPORTUNITIES, NOT WALLS LOS ANGELES, January 30, 2017- California has always been a home for immigrants and throughout our history we have celebrated our great diversity. The executive order of the President of the United States to build … Read More

A better future for California
Think of an Independent California

It’s easy to look at  the results of this past election with a real and grim sense of foreboding.  America has voted in the worst sort of incompetent to ever occupy the Oval Office. Any thinking person with moderate intelligence … Read More

California’s Education Crisis

Coastal elite. For anyone not familiar with the conservative lingo, it is a term often accompanied by accusations of being intellectually antagonistic. This term is slung around like an insult, although like most Californians, it’s a mantle I take no … Read More

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