CNP LA march

A Homegrown Californian Party

The California National Party was founded in 2014 and is the fastest growing new political party in California. We are united behind a progressive platform that will grow California’s economy, protect its people, and preserve and defend our natural environment. Our long-term goal is complete political independence for California. In the short term, we are working for increased autonomy from the U.S. government and increased self-determination for Californians.

See our Bylaws here.

Key Planks in Our Platform

  • Universal healthcare for all Californians
  • World-class public education for all Californian students
  • Investments in California’s infrastructure
  • Common sense immigration reform
  • A sustainable, growing economy
  • Environmental protection
  • Judicial and police reform
  • Freedom and equality for all people regardless of race, gender, or religion
  • Increased independence for California

Learn more by reading our complete platform.

Our Goals

The CNP intends to run candidates who will advance our platform in state and local offices throughout California.
Reaching that goal starts with qualifying our party to participate in California elections. Participation means our candidates’ names and party affiliation will appear on California ballots.

For CNP to qualify, 0.33% of registered California voters (64,128 people as of February 10, 2017) must list CNP as their party preference on their voter registrations. That’s why changing your party preference to CNP is the most important thing you can do to support Californian independence.

Join us to build a better future for California.