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About “The Movement”

Regarding Our Values

About The Road to Independence


About “The Movement”

“I’ve heard of this thing called “CalExit,” what is it, and are you part of it?”

The term CalExit is applied very generally to the wide ranging efforts of a movement by grassroots activists seeking to provide greater autonomy and latitude to California’s leaders so that they may pursue new and constructive ways to address problems without being hampered by regressive federal mandates.

The California National Party prefers the unequivocal terminology “California Independence Movement” to describe this people-powered effort being carried out by and for the people of California.

“Who, exactly, does what, exactly, within the whole alphabet soup of independence groups?”

New supporters of the California Independence Movement arrive here through various channels and are often surprised to find that the movement is actually populated by various groups all focusing on different but related portions of the task at hand.

California National Party (CNP): Chartered in 2015, the California National party is an all-volunteer organization run by and on behalf of Californians. CNP has the distinction of being the fastest growing new political party in California. We are united behind a pragmatic progressive platform that will grow California’s economy, protect its people, and preserve and defend our natural environment. We speak for first and second amendment rights, reproductive rights, and human rights such as healthcare, education, and social equality. Our long-term goal is complete political independence for California. In the short term, we are working for increased autonomy from the U.S. government and increased self-determination for Californians.

In that regard The California National Party has formally endorsed the California Freedom Coalition’s ballot imitative on Independence and looks forward to working with other pro-independence groups toward achieving our mutual goals.

CNP is currently seeking qualification with the Secretary of State in order to be able to run party designated candidates in state and local elections who will support and forward the party’s platforms. Reaching that goal will require 0.33% of registered California voters (64,128 people as of February 10, 2017) to switch their party preference to CNP. As we build this voter base, the CNP will be supporting candidates in select races whose platforms correspond to our party platform.

If you support California Independence, the most important thing you can do is switch your party preference by submitting a new voter registration form at:  Under “Political Party Preference” select OTHER from the drop down menu and type in California National Party in the accompanying text box.

California Freedom Coalition (CFC): Founded in March of 2017, CFC is comprised of The California Freedom Coalition Education Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and The California Freedom Coalition Advocacy Fund, a registered 501(c)(4) organization. Both aspects of this organization are governed by separate board structures.

The California Freedom Coalition is a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring that California’s 40 million citizens and residents have a truly proportionate voice and vote in electing a national government that reflects their values, intentions and expectations. The Coalition is equally dedicated to ensuring that Californians have the broad and unquestioned freedom to develop their unique culture, society, and to determine their own future as they best feel and see fit.

Cal Con Con: Short for California Constitutional Convention, Cal Con Con is by their own humble admission, a small group of concerned Californians working together to protect California’s progressive values, its lands and environment, and its residents’ freedoms and rights.

In August of 2017 Cal Con Con filed an initiative which would call on the Legislature of the State of California, speaking on behalf of the people of the State of California, to apply to the United States Congress to call a constitutional convention pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution for the purpose of proposing amendments that would bring the U.S. Constitution up to par with 21st century realities.

Both this initiative and the CFC initiative show the resolve of those in the California Independence Movement to pursue all available democratic means in order to make a lasting difference in the lives of Californians.

Yes California: This is another pro-independence group with no connection to the CNP that was founded soon after the CNP was founded.

All of the groups above were founded after the CNP, and we believe the several entities that support California Independence, and the resulting range of strategies and tactics employed by those various independent organizations, makes the California Independence Movement stronger. We are proud to pioneer the dream of an independent California Republic.

Regarding Our Values

The California National Party is an all-volunteer state-wide political party funded and staffed by Californians. We believe that the only acceptable way for independence to be achieved is through a democratic process through the legislature or when a referendum is passed by a majority of California’s citizens.

“What does the California National Party stand for, what are its core goals and beliefs?”

The California National Party proudly supports single payer healthcare, greater access to affordable housing options, environmental protection, progressive immigration reforms, a simplified tax code, and human rights such as social & gender equality, religious freedom, equal pay, reproductive freedom, and more. Learn more about where we stand on our platform page. Our party platforms are revised biennially at our Conventions. Sign up for our mailing list to be kept in the loop about upcoming CNP events in your area and about our national conventions.


“So you guys are like Democrats then?”

While many of us are former Democrats, we have all come to the realization that the Democratic Party has lost touch with their base of working families and are more beholden to moneyed interests than to the causes they purport to fight for.

We are a party for Progressives of various former affiliations who are interested in protecting and forwarding our values. If you have felt disappointed by the lack of commitment by the Democrats or other left leaning parties to effect real change and have always hoped for a real and viable progressive choice to emerge, then look no further!

You can change your party preference to California National Party by clicking here and completing the voter registration form.

“The Democrats and Republicans are so wealthy and influential. How can CNP hope to beat them in elections?”

There is one source of political viability that both of the major parties have lost sight of. While they are busy chasing the same rolling nickel, CNP volunteers are busy registering voters, beautifying our communities, and making human connections with our neighbors. We are proud to stand with other progressive organizations throughout the state who have identified that true political viability can only be gained by community involvement. Any other means at achieving progressive change are only half measures at best.


“Is the CNP funded by dark and dirty money from multinational corporations and special interest groups like those “other” parties?”

We are proud to say that we are wholly funded by individual contributions from Californians such as YOU! We do not wash our contributions through “bundlers” who magically make money from big oil, big pharma, and other shady conglomerates come out somehow “clean.” Our all-volunteer Board and Staff are highly motivated people fighting for what’s best for all of our families.

About The Road to Independence

“What do you think of the new ballot initiative on independence which is supposed to be filed in 2018?”

We will need to see the full text of that initiative before we can support it. Generally the California National Party supports ballot initiatives that provide a peaceful and democratic path to California Independence.

“Who in the world would want independence?”

The age of empire is over. As in California, people around the world from Catalonia to Biafra to Rio Grande do Sul and Scotland are calling out for greater regional autonomy and independence. These emerging nations will all need to seek their own path towards independence if they mean to achieve lasting, peaceful, and democratic separation.

The various independence struggles the world over do have one another to draw strength and guidance from, however, and unity amongst those who would seek to be free will be necessary for any of these individual movements to succeed.

They also have the protection of the 1960 United Nations “Declaration on the Granting of Independence…” which states that, “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” As a member state of the United Nations, the United States is at the very least legally bound to honor this agreement with the people of California as is Britain with Scotland, Nigeria with Biafra, Spain with Catalonia, and Brazil with Rio Grande do Sul.

“How long will it take California to achieve independence?”

The answer here is a very complex one indeed. The answer is wholly dependent on how many Californians are willing to commit themselves to never living under a Trump-style regime again. California deserves better!

We already forge our own path in many areas anyways. The problem of course is our inadequate representation in the Senate which leaves us beholden to the political whims of geographical localities that we are clearly different from in both a political and cultural sense.

Add to that the fact that our tax dollars are flooding away from California to prop up other less viable states. When enough Californians become tired of this “taxation without representation” then we will have a clearer view of a timeline.

For now, the answer is up to you! Volunteer to help us achieve more for California’s working families. By doing so, you can play a direct role in the political process and make a difference in your community. You could also consider making a donation to freedom and liberty in an independent California. The California National Party thanks you for your support!

Why go independent now? Shouldn’t that have been worked out a long time ago?

The desire for a free and independent California has burned in the hearts of her patriots for nearly 200 years. In that time, Californians have seen their homeland subjugated by successive waves of colonizing nations who without fail have sought to profit from California’s riches while denying her people their right to determine their own future.

Since our small and humble beginnings, California as grown into a world superpower. One that has the resources and the wherewithal to successfully govern ourselves and confront with ease any challenge to our continued health, happiness, or prosperity.

Perhaps most importantly, as a home to all who come to seek the California Dream, the Golden State must be able to effectively stand against any frightening “new normalcies” which seek to deprive our citizens of those rights and protections they so richly deserve.

“How would an independent California assure its own self-defense?”

California is currently the world’s 5th or 6th largest economy depending upon the method of calculation, surpassing respected nations such as France, India, and Italy. If these nations are able to adequately provide for their own defense, California can as well. Also, as an independent nation and member of the United Nations, we’d be protected by all of the same international agreements which apply to other cooperative nations around the world.

The truth is that the United States grossly overspends because its economy is predicated upon a military-industrial complex. Until the U.S. can wean its economy away from war, they will continue to spend more on “defense” than the next eight nations combined.

We here at the California National Party love and support our brave military members, in fact, many of our voters and party leaders are veterans who have served America admirably. Those veterans realize that America has made a departure from its stated values however and have come to our movement to defend California, the last bastion of true democracy.

We hope this FAQ page has helped resolve any questions you have about the California Independence Movement. If you have follow up questions feel free to email us at: Chair@CaliforniaNational.Party or fill out our Contact page.