Leadership of the CNP

By Californians, For Californians

The California National Party is a democratically run volunteer organization and we believe that all of our members and volunteer organizers are leaders.  Elected officers serve 1-year terms and are elected at our fall convention.  All members who live in California, have registered CNP, and have made a donation of at least $25 to the party are eligible to run and all members who meet those same requirements are eligible to vote.  Chapter, Caucus, and Working Group leaders are elected by their teams and serve 1-year terms.


Theo Slater, Chair
Theo joined the CNP out of his desire to build a party focused on building a better future for California – not serving the interests of big donors.  He is committed to building an organization that can serve and represent California’s diverse communities.

Jed Wheeler, Vice Chair
Jed is an 8th generation Californian and grew up in the Bay Area.  He has been involved in social justice and environmental activism for more than 20 years and joined the CNP out of the belief that an independent California would do a better job upholding those values.

Chuck Beretz, Secretary
Chuck believes many Californians are disengaged from politics because we have so little influence on national policy and wants to change that.  He wants his children to grow up in a nation that has one-person one-vote and no taxation without representation

Justin Hibbard, Treasurer

Project and working group leadership:

Mike Mendez, Chair of Hispanic Network
Jay Rooney, Press Secretary (currently on leave)
Margo Drgos, Acting Press Secretary
Willow Polson, Head of Video outreach
Harris Mowbrey, CNP Youth Caucus Chair
Ruth Dragicevich, Tech Boss
Ray Serrano, Lead Data Scientist
Kerry Cox, Editor CNP Blog

Chapter leadership

Linda Daly and Natalie Blake: LA Co-Chairs
Ben Brent: Orange County Chair
Timothy Irvine: Sacramento Chair
Cynkay Morningsong: Sonoma County chair
Graham Balch: Marin County Chair
Ken Brucker: San Diego Chair
Ann Marie Kahraman: North County San Diego Chair
John Owens: San Francisco, San Mateo Chair
Manuel Carrasco: Placer and Nevada Counties regional lead
David Gregory: Glen, Colusa, Butte, and Tehama Counties regional lead
Carol Wolf: Fresno and Madera Counties regional lead

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