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How to talk about voter registration

Now that you’ve changed your voter registration to CNP, the next step is to help get your friends and family registered!  Most people vote for the folks who their friends and families support, so this is an absolutely critical step in growing our movement and bringing more people onboard. You may be surprised how many people who you wouldn’t have expected are supportive!  

This script can help you practice for those conversations.  Just remember to get people to register on the spot and walk them through the process online – people get busy and will forget to register later even if they mean to.

1.  Hey __________, do you have a few minutes to talk,?  I’m working on a new political project and need your help.  No, don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We just need to register voters.  You’re already registered, right?

2. Have you heard about the Californian independence movement?  Yeah?  What do you think? If positive, go to step 3, for general questions, go to step 5, if negative and they lean left, go to #6.  If negative and a conservative, go to 7

3. So one of the big things you can do to support the movement is change your voter registration to the California National Party, they’re our home-grown progressive and pro-California party that supports independence – along with (list of issues from our platform that this person cares about). If positive response, get them to register on the spot.  If negative and they lean left go to 4.  If negative and a conservative, go to 7

4. I know you’re a liberal/progressive – but just look at the map, the Democrats have completely imploded in the rest of America and can’t defend California from what’s coming.  You can still vote for good democrats like (name their favorite democrat) as a member of the CNP, but there are limits on what the Democrats can do since they’re tied to the Washington DC

All through the Obama administration with Democrats running the Californian government top to bottom, California paid almost $60 billion a year in direct subsidies to other states while the fundamentals here at home were neglected. Even with the Democrats controlling the entire state budget, California is crumbling around us.  Look at our roads, our dams, our water infrastructure, our embarrassingly bad public transit.   We need a progressive party that will defend our rights and freedoms but fixes the roads too!  Besides, registering CNP sends an unmistakable signal to the US government that Californians will not be ignored any more.  That’s a message Democrats and Republicans both need to hear.   So what do you say?  If positive response, get them to register on the spot.  If negative ask why and work through questions/responses from the FAQ as needed.

5. Why do you think it’s important for California to stay in the United States?  What does California get out of it?  Why should we stay part of a union where we are over-taxed, under-represented, and our voices are not heard?  Be sure to listen thoughtfully to their response and try to understand the root cause.

  • If they are concerned about “abandoning” poor people in other states, point out that California has significant poverty and income inequality and that remaining part of Trump’s america means that programs to help poor people will be cut here – not just in Kansas – and that as an independent nation we’d be able to fund poverty abatement here and even send foreign aid to the US if we wanted too, but we’d be able to do it on our terms.
  • If they’re concerned California wouldn’t be able to make it on our own point out we have a population and economy larger than Canada and that Canada seems to be doing just fine.  We are the 35th biggest nation in the world by population – larger than the vast majority of independent nations – our population is 2x Australia’s and almost 8x Ireland’s.
  • If they say “isn’t that run from Russia?” say no.  There is one person in a separate organization that has nothing to do with who lives in Russia.  The media has latched onto that to try and discredit the movement, but we have nothing to do with him and this is a homegrown Californian movement.
  • If they’re concerned that weakening the US would embolden Russia or China, point out that the US is on the decline anyway and has been for a long time – largely because of how irresponsibly the US has used its military power.  Point out that 70% of Californians opposed the Iraq war and that the only way we can gain control of our foreign policy is to become independent.
  • If they say they like the idea but it’s impossible point out that Scotland is about to vote for the second time in 4 years on independence from the UK, and that if Britain can let Scotland go after centuries of warfare and bad blood, the US can let California go.  Point out that the US’s existence is a confirmation of the right to secede and any American who doesn’t believe in the right to declare independence should go apply for a British passport.
  • Refer to the FAQ for additional common questions and responses.  Keep your tone friendly – if you make it oppositional you will lose them!  Many people have 1 or 2 questions and will come around if you can give them a good explanation.  Get them to register on the spot if possible.

6. So I know you’re not a fan of Donald Trump (try to avoid this going into a rant by them or you), but something I just recently realized is that if California wasn’t so under-represented in the Federal government, he wouldn’t be president right now.  Did you know Californians are 1/8th of the United States population but that we have less than ⅓ the representation per person in the electoral college that states like Montana receive?

It’s not just the electoral college either, we have cities with populations bigger than many of the midwestern states but they get 2 Senators each.  That compromise might have made sense two centuries ago and 3,000 miles away for the framers of the US Constitution, but for almost 40 million Californians today it means we are radically underrepresented in the Senate.  Betsy DeVos and the rest of those clowns would never have been approved by the Senate if California was fairly represented. But we all know that any move to give California fair representation would be blocked by the Red states that benefit from the current system.

An independent California can be a beacon for tolerance and progressive policies for the whole world, and a refuge for people who will be persecuted in the United States given the hard-right turn they are making.  But we can’t do that as long as the federal government has the ability to override our laws, pillage our environment, and attack our people.  So what do you say, will you change your voter registration?  It’s a little thing, but it sends an unmistakable signal that California will not be ignored any longer.

7. We both know the Republicans have imploded in California and will never recover – the demographics of California means that they just plain aren’t viable here. And if you look at what the Trump administration is doing, they’ve taken all the worst aspects of the Obama administration and started cutting the few federal government programs that actually work!  Things like Meals on wheels that feed seniors living below the poverty line and poor children. I know that’s not what you mean when you say you’re a conservative. Even in totally mercenary terms, destroying the working class and middle class is terrible for the economy because it means people can’t afford to buy things.

The national Republican party has abandoned Californian conservatives – this isn’t the party of Lincoln or Eisenhower any more.  But someone needs to stand up to the Democrats and hold them accountable.  You can’t have democracy in a 1-party State.  We need a political party that cares about personal liberty and freedom and will handle the basics like keeping the lights on and the roads fixed – something Democrats and Republicans are too busy casting blame to bother with.

Even if you don’t agree with the whole platform, the CNP wants to break up the two-party system by switching us to proportional representation so all Californians are represented and they want to decentralize power away from Sacramento and Washington to the local level.  That creates space for new The plain fact is, decisions about California’s future need to be made by Californians.  The federal government is way too big and overbearing.  CNP is the only party that’s actually fighting back – and they’re the only party talking about fixing California’s broken water system to keep our farms green.  Will you change your voter registration to help us fight for all Californians?  You can still vote for whoever you want, but it sends an unmistakable signal that California will not be ignored.

Change your voter registration to California National Party