About the California National Party

Made in California — Since 2015

The California National Party is united behind a progressive platform that will grow California’s economy, protect its people, and preserve and defend our natural environment.

Our key pillars are:
World-class public education for all students
Common sense immigration Reform
Universal healthcare for all Californians
Investments in California’s infrastructure
Environmental protection
A sustainable growing economy
Judicial and police reform
Freedom and equality for all people – regardless of race, gender, or religion

Learn more by reading our full platform: http://www.californianational.party/platform/

A homegrown Californian party for the nation of California

We will run candidates for local offices who will advance our platform in state and local offices throughout California.

Our long-term goal is complete political independence for the nation of California. In the meantime, we will work for increased autonomy from the U.S. government and increased self-reliance for California.

Our plan starts with becoming a qualified political party for California elections. Changing your voter registration to CNP is free, takes 5 minutes, and will help us reach the voter registration requirements to qualify.

Join us to build a better future for California!

Change your voter registration to California National Party

Letter from the California Secretary of State certifying the CNP as a Party attempting to qualify.