A better future for California

The California National Party

We have Californian values

Californians value different things than Americans. Californians believe that all people – of all colors, creeds, and classes – should be treated fairly and with dignity. We overwhelmingly support programs like Universal Healthcare and want a nation where no one goes bankrupt and loses their home because they get sick. Seventy percent of us opposed the Iraq war and are sickened by the carnage that has unfolded as the result of that terrible mistake. We welcome refugees and immigrants and oppose the federal government’s border wall. We support women’s rights and are sick of having to worry every four years if a change in the Supreme Court will throw women under the bus. We want good quality public schools for all of our children so they can thrive in our modern knowledge-based economy. We want a government that takes concrete action to stop climate change and to prepare for the changes we cannot stop.

We are strong enough and wealthy enough to do all of those things – but not while we’re spending over $400 billion a year on federal taxes that are squandered by a United States federal government that sees us as little more than a cash cow.

Paying more than we receive might not be such a bad thing if the money helped people in need, but it doesn’t.  In fact, it leaves us unable to address real human needs right here.  From the crisis of homelessness to ongoing budget cuts in our schools to our crumbling roads and dams; we desperately need that money here in California.

We are overtaxed and under-represented

In 2015, Californians made by far the largest contribution to the Federal budget. We paid almost $406 Billion ($405,851,295,000, to be exact) in federal taxes, or 13.46% of total federal revenue that year (source: IRS) and received back only ~11% of federal spending. That means we spent over $40 Billion subsidizing the rest of the US. That’s actually an improvement over past years–in 2012 it was $59 billion! That’s before you even look at all the money the federal government wastes or spends on wars that Californians overwhelmingly opposed. Our 2016 contribution to the US military was $61 Billion–making California one of the biggest military spenders in the world!

Meanwhile, states like Mississippi and Louisiana consistently receive more than $2 for every $1 they paid, while enjoying more representation per citizen in the federal government than California and electing far-right politicians that attack our values. Based on population, an electoral vote in Wyoming carries more than three times the power of a Californian vote. California’s two senators represent 70 times the number of people as their Wyoming counterparts.

Taxation without representation. Sound familiar?

The CNP will fight for California

The CNP is a new political party that was founded to fight for increased independence for California and advance California’s interests. California has a unique culture and distinct values, and our knowledge-based economy is different from the service-based economy in the rest of the United States. We need control of our own foreign policy, trade policy, and domestic policy to serve those distinct values and interests. We are a nation, not a State, and if we don’t stand up for ourselves no one else will. It is time for California’s voice to be heard!

Join us to build a better future for California!

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