CNP calls for California to sign Paris climate accord

Press Release
December 13, 2016 

The California National Party (CNP) calls on Governor Jerry Brown to make California a signatory subject to ratification to the Paris Climate Accords.  Signing the Paris Climate Accords subject to ratification would signal California’s current and future commitment to the goals and provisions of the Paris Climate Accords no matter what the policy of the USA under President-elect Donald Trump is relative to climate change.

Theo Slater, Chair of the CNP, says “The California National Party believes this step is important for California in order to affirm our commitment to slow climate change and continue our nation’s leadership on environmental issues.  That leadership has contributed to California having the strongest job growth of any state over the past decade and is a core part of our vision for the future.”

“Companies like Tesla, Patagonia, Sungevity, Solar City, Oracle, Prologis, and Juniper Networks who create jobs and value environmental stewardship have helped make California stronger” says Jed Wheeler, Secretary of the CNP.  “We need to proactively shift our economy and infrastructure towards sustainability, and supporting this treaty is a critical step for California, as one of the world’s largest economies, to signal our commitment to change.”

The CNP believes this step is critical for California to take now because President-elect Donald Trump has said global warming was a “hoax” created by the Chinese, and his cabinet nominees read like a who’s who of those that deny the conclusive science showing that human caused global warming is occurring.

Putting Scott Pruitt, a strong climate change denier, in charge of the EPA is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires.  Additionally, Rex Tillerman is the former CEO of ExxonMobil that for decades has covered up its own research showing global warming is happening and caused by humans.   Rick Perry who was picked to head a department he forgot even existed and contrary to recorded weather data said in his book “we have been experiencing a cooling trend” and denies the “so-called science” about climate change.  Ryan Zinke who was nominated for Secretary of the Interior, said “he has seen no scientific evidence that climate change is changing the weather.”

California has a history of independent leadership relative to the environment, fair labor practices, and health care.  The CNP believes that California should become a signatory to the Paris Climate Accords subject to ratification in order to show its intent to abide by the Paris Climate Accords as a state or if California becomes an independent republic, that it would intend to ratify the Paris Climate Accords and be a leading nation in addressing climate change.  This will put pressure on the United States to remain a signatory party to the accords or risk losing the state of California to independence, which would be a huge blow as California on its own is the 6th largest economy in the world.

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California National Party: The California National Party is a political party in California that seeks peaceful and lawful independence for California.  We believe it is inherently problematic to be part of a nation in which Californians pay $1.00 in taxes and receive $.78 thereby subsidizing other states and at the same time have less representation in the Electoral College per citizen than any other state.  The California National Party represents the distinctly Californian views of mainstream Californians who want to promote equality, freedom and opportunity, meaningful democracy and strong economic growth and who reject the money-driven, partisan politics that have warped the democratic ideals of America’s founding fathers who wrote the US Constitution.