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Trump’s America vs. California

Walking around my small California beach town, it’s become harder and harder to not have a sense of a storm approaching, or a dimming of light, despite the beauty of my surroundings. Nothing has physically changed since the election; there’s … Read More

Separation of Church and State

I was born in sunny SoCal, but spent most of my life in religious states.  My parents returned to Utah the summer before I started Kindergarten.  My siblings were Kenny (12), Laura (11), Joe (9), Peggy (8), and at the … Read More

It’s not ingratitude

Something has been gnawing at me for a week now; well, besides the terrible results of the American presidential election. For someone like me who came to the U.S. when I was 7 years old, fleeing from a cruel civil … Read More

Independence will save us

On November 8th, 2016, millions of Americans consciously, and with deliberate knowledge, voted for the personal embodiment of crony capitalism, anti-democratic values, and public corruption.  Donald J. Trump, through a legal mechanism (the electoral college) and not through a majority … Read More

Clearing the Air

We are not a new movement but the explosion of interest in our movement is new. One side effect of all that interest is that there are suddenly many rumors going around about this organization and its leadership. The current … Read More

Fascism Comes to America

The Government of the United States is broken. Even the simple task of selecting a President between two main contenders has gone completely off the rails. Donald Trump, President-elect, is a bitter pill for Californians to swallow. A racist, misogynistic, … Read More

Black Lives Matter in California

2016 has been a racially-charged marathon! Too many ethnic groups have been the target of institutional racism in a rigged system. Black people feel oppressed, Latino people feel unwanted, and Muslims are being used as scapegoats for the real problems. Movements … Read More

A stronger future for California

The California National Party believes it is necessary to peacefully and constitutionally liberate ourselves from the United States empire. California’s  needs are ignored by Washington D.C. in favor of a few swing states whose votes actually matter, effectively leaving Democratic, … Read More

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