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Help Not Wanted

In Spring of 2020, accounts of seeming Iranian origin started tweeting messages with the #CalExit hashtag. Often the messages were in Farsi. Other times they were in English. Some had images of the summarily executed Qasem Soleimani in the landing … Read More

CNP San Diego Says No to Measure C

San Diego County has many plebiscites on its March 2020 ballot. Two are focused on managing the development of rural areas. One is yet another bond to redevelop the convention center. Two of these three claims they will help with … Read More

Primary Voting for CNP Supporters

Until the California National Party reaches qualified status (0.33% of all California voters registered as CNP), the Secretary of State views all voters registered with the California National Party as equivalent to No Party Preference (NPP) voters. Your No Party … Read More

Ricardo Lara has got to go

Insurance Commissioner Lara’s many indiscretions have been ably laid out in a Sacramento Bee Op-Ed questioning if he will even make it through his first term. He has taken money from insurance companies and their lobbyists when he promised he … Read More

Intolerance vs. Literacy

A right-wing, quasi-religious group is protesting Drag Queen Story Time at the Chula Vista Library. Contrary to these bigoted protests, which attack both the development of childhood literacy skills as well as the open and tolerant society California has sought … Read More

We Agree, Las Vegas Sun

On July 25th, a letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun made mention of California independence. Party chair Michael Loebs wrote and submitted the following response, which The Sun elected not to publish. We have therefore decided to … Read More

The Future is Now!

Economists and business leaders are saying that as a result of advances in automation and artificial intelligence, and the growth of robotics, fewer workers will be needed as we move into the future. 25% of current jobs are at high … Read More

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