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Quick Reference Guide for Propositions

After evaluating the propositions appearing on California ballots, these were determined to be our official recommendations for voters. Prop 1 ― Constitutional Codification of Reproductive Freedom YES!! Prop 26 ― Constitutional Amendment to Allow In-person Roulette, Dice Games, and Sports … Read More

California Won’t Go Back!

Update: The Politico story has been verified by the US Supreme Court. // La historia del Politico ha sido verificada por la Suprema Corte de E.U. English: Para ver el contenido de la publication en español, por favor delizer hacia … Read More

Tackling a Crisis at the Crossroads

Our hearts drop at the news of Poe Jackson’s death. The increased subjugation of First Nationals, LGBTQA+ persons, and especially those who bridge the two communities, to violence and abuse is not only alarming but unacceptable. The higher rates of … Read More

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